Monday, October 7, 2013

On answered prayer

We finally met Grandpa G.  I was so nervous. What would he be like? What would G and N think of him?  He arrived in a very nice SUV with his daughter, an aunt of G and N's. G seemed shy at first but she did remember them and seemed excited to see them. N on the other hand had no clue and cried when we passed him off to Grandpa.  Then they gratefully hurried out the door so they wouldn't see me cry, which I did whole heartily when they left.  When they came back from the visit they were all smiles. Aunt had convinced G to let her do her hair up in a cute braided twist, and they genuinely seemed happy. The real test was hours later when they still seemed content and relaxed. Often a traumatic day for these kiddos shows up later when they become more needy, naughty and restless. By the next day, G was asking when she could go to grandpa's again and see her cousin. She had gotten to see a lot of family at Grandpa's including some half siblings.  In the days that followed she was able to visit again and each time she seemed more excited and talkative about her family. She bragged to us that she had two mommies and now two Grandpas!  N is more huggable with us and a little needy but since he doesn't know them, its expected. His relationship with his sister will be everything for him in the coming weeks.
I can only imagine how it must feel for G to finally be with family again, lots of family! There must be a sense of relief that they have finally come for her. That they love her, and that she is worth enough to them for them to be coming 'back' for her and her brother.
It made me think of one of our Thanksgivings in New York.  We got up early and went to the Macy's Day Parade on 34th st.  We had dinner with our New York family and enjoyed all the culinary delights of a great holiday feast. It was a fabulous day, exciting and fun. But I still longed for my own family. Family is like that. Even a semi-dysfunctional one.
It is not the prayer I prayed, but I feel that the Lord has answered us anyway. We hope the family will let us visit or call. We hope that G & N will know we will always love them and always welcome them into our arms should they ever need us.  As we prepare to say goodbye and let them move on, we remind ourselves that God has a plan for each of us. G and N included.

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